Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

The planned solutions for protecting the IT infrastructures of firms from possible natural events such as earthquake, fire, flood and the negative effects of human errors are in life-saving quality.

The Solutions of Business Continuity involves the workings of creating a backup to be replaced at the disaster moment of the available systems for not experiencing the risky events and for not deteriorating the working routine such as stopping of system operation that is possible to occur in the exceptional circumstances, and data loss. As the backup systems can be positioned in the same campus, they can be designed in different cities and intercountry,too.

As NetCore, using the products of Vmware Datacenter Virtualization, vCloud, Site Recovery Manager, Veeam BackUp & Replication, EMC Recover Point, we have been constituting systems that can prevent the effects of negative events to working life at the rate of %99.