Company Profile

NetCore generates appropriate solutions to the available infrastructures of information and communication technology of the corporations aiming to progress on the informatics fields in the sector by its expert team in their fields by using high-technology components for its customers, and provides maintenance- repair services and outsourcing together with design, installation and consultancy for the products of prominent brands in the world. NetCore Informatics founded for these aims generates sector independent turnkey solutions by its system integration identity and offers latest technology to its customers through quality product and service mentality.

NetCore that has started its activities in short time actualized its endorsement goal that it expected in 2010 and 2011 by a great success and accelerated to its investments. It rose from 281. order to 249. order according to previous year in the list of the First 500 Informatics Companies Turkey 2013 explained by Interpromedya and signed an important success by rising to the 49. order among All System Integrations. It has signed many successful projects and services scattered throughout Turkey especially İstanbul by its certificated expert professional team. The basic dynamic underlying this success caught in a very short time is the attention and care that NetCore has showed about the right investments for the right person.
As well as its professionalism for its customers that it has served, it has succeeded to protect its young working spirit and its excitement always with the same vigor. NetCore that feeds its service quality with continuous education and certificates has succeeded entering among limited system integrators.
NetCore that also has software department within its own structure has generated many products such as Business Intelligence(BI), Customer Relationship Management(CRM), has started presenting these services constituted specially for its customers with succeess.

The network applications on the world standard have been transformed into benefit by its real engineering approaches, it conveys the IP CONVERGE term meaning combining all network combinations in this field in one point. Access to information from every point and voice, data and video integration are very important.In this sense, NetCore has completed many successful projects by making representation and applications of world brands in all these fields. Our firm that has also taken the title of Select PARTNER of Cisco being the world brand, is trying to present quality service to its customers by this title.NetCore that has the Partnership of many brands being leader all over the world has been constituting and peresenting projects according to the needs of customers by many brands via multi Vendor approach.

These brands are DELL, EMC, IBM, HP, VMWARE, CITRIX, MICROSOFT, JUNIPER, VEEAM that are leader brands in their fields. NetCore that is Preferred PARTNER found in limited number on the side of DELL has the most experienced staff about EMC with the title of Premier Partner that is one of the most experienced Partners in Turkey on the side of EMC,the leader of Marketing on data storing products.NetCore that is a Business Partner on the side of IBM, has titles such asEnterprise Partner on the side of VMWare, Silver Solution Advisor on the side of Citrix, Silver PARTNER on the side of Microsoft, Gold Partner on the side of VEEAM, Elite Partner on the side of Juniper.These titles have been obtained at the result of the successful projects actualized with these brands by NetCore.

The titles on these brands have been brought to higher positions by successful projects actualized every passing day. NetCore, with all these features, is a System Integrator focused on % 100 customer satisfactions by moving with the quality service sense and presenting the needs of your information systems one hundred percent.