Corporate Content and Documentation

Corporate content management are applications which provide corporates use their potentials properly, which determine the lifecycle of information, which make developed case analysis and management, so which make increasing the efficiency of business processes possible. It gets the most advantages such as decision making, providing competitive advantage by atomising the supervision of corporate information by these solutions.

If it is thought that information is increased by expotentially today, the information pools transform from advantages into disadvantages for corporations, the correct and effective management of these pools becomes a current issues. Transforming data into information, and management of complex documents to operate it, its inspection, sharing, archiving, and accessing it by simple methods on demand, effect the business critical systems and efficiency of corporates pre-eminently.

Today, at this point, the most important treasure of corporates is information. Storing content safely in corporations producing thousands of data and information everyday; archiving documents in regularly, managing them, and then reaching the required document immediately, are essential requirements.

Thanks to Corporate Content Management solutions, corporates can have the opportunity of producing their digital information properly to the conditions determined by laws, archiving them and reaching the data rapidly when needed.There are electronic information systems in the base of the E-corporation (E-Kurum) instruction. Electronic Document Management Systems that are an inseperable part of corporate activities on recording the documents related to the activities of corpotations contribute to constitute a corporate library for workers to be able to reach them at every place and time rapidly.

In addition to this, the using of physical document and forms actively in most of corporates not only increases the error margin, but also brings many problems such as security gap, revision control, time loss, inefficient processes with it.

Making documentation correctly and conveying it to electronic environments offer many opportunities to corporations such as significant reduction in the rate of error, cost advantage, productivity and competitive advantage.

NetCore, enables corporations to take advantage from specializated Content Management and Documentation Services and business processes at maximum level.