Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM are data bases transforming the customer potential that corporates have into information. By using this data base, the corporates can see their places in the market, can take direct decisions related with their available and potential customers, can realize their opportunatiy management in the most accurate way.

Using the management applications of active customer relationships by corpotares for protecting available customers management and constituting correct relations with goal customers by loyalty take great importance.

CRM applications are softwares that almost every fim can benefit in today’s business life especially in the corporations having working model such as Selling, Marketing, Service, and Technical Support. With these applications, by recording the action information taken for customers and every kind of basic information related to the customers, both the life cycle of the customers and their orientations are determined. Corporates reach detailed and logical analysis results by the correct analysis provided by CRM programs, and can realize high yield investments by lower costs by taking right decisisons related to businesses and customers.

NetCore presents effective Customer Relationship Management Solutions to get maximum benefit from the workings of corporates, to make correct communication with available and potential customers and to increase their workings with correct actions.