Integrated Communication Solutions- IP Telephony and Video Conferencing


IP Telephony Voice and Fax calls are transmission by IP(Internet Protocol) over data networks.Today, video calls are realized over these systems, too. IP telephony is a result of transforming circuit-switched telephony netwoks into packet-based telephony networks and has had the acquisitions such as rich service use, flexible and sophisticated transmission techniques, audio compression.

By IP Telephony Features;

  • The dependency for fixed telephony on desk-bound is eliminated, all telephony with mobility features can be become the telephony of user only by login.
  • Thanks to IP connection to be installed among different units, saving can be obtained from the communication expenditures to a great extent.Since all voice traffic is transmitted via data link, there is not any additional pricing on the interdivisional speechs.
  • IPT plants and increasing capacity can be realised in speed and comfortably.
  • IP centrals can be programmed in simple way and their maintenances can be done. Diversity is provided for telephony tools to be used.
  • Third party SIP supported telephony for any IP plant can be recorded by SIP that is the standard communication protocol for IP telefony systems.
  • Thanks to IP infrastructure, it is open to integration by different software and social media tools. Thus, more than one communication tool can be used by a single interface.
  • Thanks to video IP telephony, Video IP Telephoies can be talked by the video field on the Soft Telephony (Softphone) to be installed to computers, videoconferencing can be done.
  • Mobile devices such as Tablet Computers, Smart Phones used frequently in daily life can be integrated into the system as IP Telephony.

Cisco Call Manager can support 7,500 items IP telephony by a single server. Both system capacity is increased and backup is provided by constituting Call Manager groups. As 40,000 IP telephony in a single Cluster can work as a single plant, 300, 000 IP telephony can work together by the connections inter-Clusters.

NetCore Informatics presents poject designing, installation and maintenance services to its customers by its expert engineers about IPT that it contains in itself.


Video Conferencing Systems that is a technology enabling interviews in more than one location to be made in voice and video synchronously constitutes the future generation of communication.

By Video Conferencing Technology;

  • Thanks to this technology placed among new generation communication technologies, appropriate costs with communication and information sharing are provided for every scaled business.
  • It speeds the processes of business by its practical use. It provides high scalling opportunities.
  • It contributes to protect the investments by transportation and time saving.
  • It provides the effciency increasing by the experience of high quality and effective user.

Cisco Telepresence: For Everyone, Everywhere

Cisco provides a wide range of endpoint, distributing models and interoperability to make Telepresence useable for everybody and everywhere. Cisco offers many kinds of meeting experiences from special, realist video communication experiences for group meetings to multi-purpose personal telepresence solutions and video featured telephone and software systems.

As well as offering flexible distributing models to comply with your budget requirements and to help you to scale your distributing, it quarantees to provide open and standard based connection that expands video searching system to be performed for business partners , customers and workmates.Telepresence provides you to put your investments under protection and the flexibility that you need.