Licensing Consultancy Services

In today’s informatics world, different brands and featured licenses are used in most fields such as providing main fonctions of last user tools, organizing of big and complex systems, virtualisation, backup, replication, opening to share, optimising, providing security, document management, the management of customer relations.Correct Licensing are one of the main elements that effect the costs of total ownership and productivity in corporations directly. It provides licensing the software used correctly and using budgets in the most efficiency way, the active management of inventory and improving at the highest rate in processes.

As NetCore İnformatics we give Licensing Consultancy Services to corporations in order to obtain transformation at maximum rate from resources and investments and constitute the most effective working standards.We aim at moving the customer satisfaction to the highest level by providing improvement and development in operational processes with supplying of software products to be positioned for needs, installation, integration, dissemination, upgrading and maintenance services.