Local Area Networks (LAN)

Local networks have come out for meeting the needs of communication of more than one computer with one another and have developed rapidly since the first local network.

The needs of security and management are getting increase day by day and therefore the local networks’ being smart and manageable are inevitable. NetCore having all required competence and experience to meet the needs of the corporations in this way has realised many successful projects on this subject by working with prominent brands of the sector.

In the direction of needs of corporations, the most of Access, Distribution and Backbone structures have been projected and installed by engineer staff who are expert on their fields. Because of a set of reasons such as the increasing the networks, not effecting negatively from each other of these systems, the easiness of traffic management and security together with using different IT systems, it requires the networks to be divided into logical groups. NetCore provides the easiness of traffic management of communication among the IT by constituting virtual local networks via smart key systems.