Network Monitoring and Management Solutions

Information Security is one of the issues met with distress in cases that all sizes of corporations have invested mostly and haven’t planned correctly. Corporations have been investing large investments in order to not leak their information to outsite via the internet.

For assuring the security, that many problems such as what has happened in internal networks, what kind of communication has been contacted in which time slices among which user and systems, what type of transfer has been realized, can be answered correctly constitutes key points for providing security.

In almost all inventories found in corporate networks (servers, softwares used, the devices of network and other devices used in infrastructure), various problems can be occurred during working.

With the most general form of potential problems;

  • Hardware problems
  • Unexpected closures
  • Network access problems
  • Capacity problems
  • Performance problems
  • Problems caused by user errors
  • Problems resulted from updating

Precautions can be taken to avoid from such problems. It is important to be informed in advance in order to take these precutions.

NetCore, with its expert staff and its unique network monitoring and management products provides active solutions to corporations to be able to supply effective network management by reducing costs and provide the structure to predetermine possible problems that might occur.

By this model monitoring systems 7/24, informing problems instantly, producing permenent solutions to the possible and available problems by analysing and reporting the previous data, high quality management facilities are provided to corporations