Portal and Work Flow Solutions

Being rapid accessible to all information that the workers of corporations need and constituting high synergy provide the increase of improvement, efficiency and productivity significantly in the ways of doing business. Portal and work flow solutions providing the effective communication and sharing of the team workers make possible to take maximum advantage from the systems designed and customized for using and knowledge, document and communication.

It plays a key role on the point of taking fast and correct decisions to reach reasonable information in the time of need during the complexity of today’s business life. NetCore which is the aware of the importance of this present portal and business work flow solutions providing the benefit on management and sharing of every kind of contents, being able to integrating with easy to use, flexible to use, available system and applications for corporations.

With these solutions;

  • Access to essential information on the goals and processes of corporates is provided in a simple and reliable way.
  • The activity of communication within company is increased, business integrity and work flow among workers become easy.
  • By the standardization and automation of processes, the performance is increased.
  • A central system will be provided to collect the resources related to the projects of the teams, to study on them and share them.
  • The information sharing with internal and external customers is conducted via only a platform.
  • Healty document management is conducted.
  • Reaching to information and document with the systems allowing remote access can be provided at any time at any place.
  • Sectoral and corporate specialization is provided by constituting special modelling for the business manner of corporates and quality solutions addressing needs.
  • By integrating available document repository into systems, it can be taken maximum advantage from available data, and new data and applications through the modular structure of systems can be developed on system.
  • The monitoring of critical processes is taken under control.
  • Technological support is constituted for performance and quality management.
  • All activities and actions internal company can be monitored in electronic environment.

Portal and workflow solutions that can receive data can be integrated with all applications. By these applications, all contents such as corporate internet sites, portal, common share folders, archieves, blogs are provided to be managed in effective way without depending technical teams. Specialized search functions providing contents and materials to be found in the simplest way provide the flows, person and data communication enabling the operation of system by warmings and arranging job list to be optimized and to make them take advantage from information assets on top level.

NetCore, with its specialty on portal and work flow solutions, is constituted by the architectures of simple, flexible, scalable and customizable corporate portal and work flow increasing the work processes efficiency to corporates.