Project Management and Installation Services

Project Management

Organizations as a gaining of living intertwined with Information Technology have been carrying out countless projects for thier own corporate needs or for the needs of the people that it serves. Project Management having a wide circle such as new product, service and design of processes, updating, revisions is an important discipline requiring accumulation of knowledge and attention.While making project, working’s being compatible with the strategies of corporate, putting forth goal and aims clearly by starting from an effective analysis and planning, determining the starting and finishing times, constituting coordination and interaction correctly, and completing their controls by correct observation and checks when moving to the implementation stage constitute the most critical steps to reach success. NetCore Bilişim offers corporates complete, value-added Project Management Services by actualizing all these steps the most correctly and effectivelyin its workings.

Early measures can be provided for the possible risks, using resources effectively, providing coordination and communication correctly and maintaining them, monitoring activities by the Services of Project Management.

As Netcore Bilişim, within the scope of the services of Project Management;

we provide all services that project designing requires including Content Management, Integration Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, General Resource Management, Human Resources Management, Communication Management, Risk Management, Performance Management, and Supply Management. To prevent the resource loss, to provide value and to reach %100 success by our project management methodology and seriousness are our main objectives.


Installation Services

We give Installation Services in order to provide the design of correct dasigned, effectice and flexible infrastructure that are the requirements of organizations,the continuity of systems, and to keep performance values in optimum level.We provide the implementation of all soft and hardware systems of information Technologies via the value-added installation services in all structures from the simplest architectures to complex and critical systems by our experienced team.

In all installation projects that we have signed with the combination of efficient, safe, correct technologies and competent human resources, in global standards, we actualize optimum systems.Our installation services; are qualified to meet the needs of corporations at every level such as planning on soft and hardware layers, commissioning, renewal/updating/developing, operating and managing.