Service Management Solutions

Establishing certain standards appropriate to market conditions in Information Technologies, and providing their continuance play important role in realizing business goals of corporations. Service Management is solution that aims to display the information collected from infrastructure by associating it with each other and that provide reaching to corporate goals by various control mechanisms of business processes and technology assets and by managing with automation of these mechanisms. By these solutions, all of the IT technology organization can be seen transparently and on bird’s eye view, every phase such as Servis Design, Servis Transition, Servis Operation and Continuoıs Service Improvement is able to be handled.

The main goal in Service Management is optimizing the optimization of IT services, constituting a dynamic IT infrastructure and its management, IT processes and the corporate structure and integration of information and, in addition to these, service flows.By this means, effective management of applications and systems can be provided and proper planning of resources can ben made by centralized management.

NetCore Informatics offers services such as Dynamic IT Infrastucture Management, Integrated IT and Resource Management, IT Help Desk, SLA Tracking and Management from a Single Point, IT Compliance and Risk Management to corporates within the scope of Service Management Solutions