Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization technology, in general terms, is allowing more than one operating system to run on only one machine by installing multiple operating systems to a physical hardware. Most of advantages provided on the field of information technologies by virtualization process have enabled the virtualization to become frequently applied method today.

By virtualization technologies;

  • Obtaining efficiency at maximum rate from physical resources and capacity,
    Reducing the costs of hardware investment,
  • Reducing the costs of maintenance and operation in physical devices,
  • Removing the software and hardware dependencies,
  • Providing the easiness of management by centralized management,
  • Obtaining significant savings from the costs of datacenter and increasing energy efficiency,
  • Processes such as installation, upgrade, creating new servers are getting easy,
  • Shared use cases become possible

As NetCore Bilişim, we present solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce costs, decrease operational work load, purify the IT infrastructure of institutions, provide continuity on critic system in the fields of Server Virtualization, Deskop Virtualization, Application Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Network Virtualization, and applications by its leader and reliable virtualization platforms.