Wide Area Networks (WAN)

As a result of being active in different geographic areas of the institutions and arising the need about data communication among these locations, wide network solutions have been needed. Wide area network is the large network designed as physically and logically that provides more than one devices to communicate with each other. They reach a very wide spread by providing local networks to connect each other. Wide area networks are used to connect LAN and other types of networks to be able to communicate a user and computers in a place with a user and computers in another place. Many WAN have been established just for one organization and it is special. Other WANs established by internet service providers provide internet connection via the LAN of a organization.

The use of wide area networks as a result of speed development of technology has been increased considerably and changes have happened in the kind of technology used.

NetCore, has actualized many data and sound projects including different connection structures such as ADSL, G.shdsl, ME, MPLS, Leased Line, VPN. Core Telekom that is the firm of ISP within the scope of NetCore have been providing maintenance and support on all locations where it services thanks to expert network support team.

In addition to this, in order to increase the quality of transmission made on the conversations among the locations over the WAN connection lines and decrease the load of data traffic of the line, the most ideal wide area network connection services have been provided to institutions by Wan optimization systems.

NetCore provides high level functionality possible for the technologies such as web, video, cloud that require usable, high and continuous data in order to speed up its enterprise applications and file, e-mail, storage of the enterprises and the Wan Optimization solutions that it provides with the leader producers on their fields. So, it offers a unique user experience on internet roaming.