Wireless Networks

Wireless Network is the name of the whole technology that provides communication via radio waves among transmitter and receiver devices instead of structural network cable constituted by cable among two or more than two computers, and that provides network opportunity among further distances.Since the foundations of the technology have been installed in accordance with IEEE 802.11 standards, all Wireless Network devices can be integrated with each other except for exceptions.

The communication between the locations of transmitter and receiver on wireless networks can be provided by active devices called Wireless Router / Access Point.
Thsese devices make communications with 100mw output power that is not dangerious for human health at frequency ranges starting from 2.4 Ghz or 5.3 GHz, this means lower signal strength at nearly one in twenty rate of the mobile phones we use.

As Wireless Networks can be between two points reciprocally (Point-to-Point), they can be installed among more than one locations. (Point-to-Multipoint) Besides, they can provide private (intranet) or public (internet) network opportunity for the mobile users on open or closed areas.

To install wired network during transmitting data may not be always the best appropriate solution. Because of the difficulty of cabling, need to use mobile device for a set of systems, inadequate cabling infrastructure, and many other reasons, the use of wireless network is a method frequently being in demand by corporations.

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